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I’m Kendall! Thank you for taking a moment out of your day to take this journey with me. We all need more sunshine and warmth in our lives. Take the time to read and experience growth, laughter, and sunshine for yourself.

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I am a newly married 23 year old who has a heart for people. I like to write to share my heart with those around me. I believe that we all need something that speaks to us, and if I can write one thing that speaks to one person, then I have reached my goal. Read more

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May I: Week 3

Welcome to week 3 of challenging our thinking through the May I series. Some people say “third times the charm”, and honestly they may be right with this one. Today’s challenging thought is: May I live like I am already loved and chosen. This is a doozy for most people. I know it has beenContinue reading “May I: Week 3”

May I: Week 2

Hello, friends! We are back with week 2 in the “May I” series. If you’re new here, we have started a series that is going to challenge our thoughts and actions. May we become the people we were destined to be. Let’s jump into this week’s thought. May I push through the temporary fear ofContinue reading “May I: Week 2”

May I

As many of you know, during February, March , and April I was very adamant on finding a healthy routine for myself. I wanted to prioritize the right things to kick off the year with healthy habits. Some of which were fitness related, some relational, and some were just personal wants and needs. Now thatContinue reading “May I”

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