You Are Responsible

If you read anything from this blog I want you to know the best advice I have ever heard. “You are responsible for the energy you bring into the room.” Havilah Cunngington said that and it completely changed my perspective.  

That looks so differently for so many people. We tend to blame others for the things that happen in our lives or for how we feel. In reality, we are the ones not letting our circumstances and feelings be filtered through the Holy Spirit.

Going into this new year there is no better time for us to take responsibility for the energy and reaction we bring into the room. Not everything needs an out roar on social media. Not everything needs to be taken to heart. Not everything needs to even have a second thought. To maintain peace within us and in our relationships we need to take responsibility for how we react. This does not mean that we just sit back and let life happen to us. This means when life happens to us we let the Lord happen to our lives. The greatest knowledge we can have for 2021 is to know that The Lord is in control even when it doesn’t feel like it.  So here are two easy ways to take responsibility for the energy that you bring into the room.

Number one, get serious about praying about things first. The number one reason most of us get our feelings hurt, or overreact, is because we would rather chitchat with our friends about it then our Father God. We decide to work on it in our human perspective instead of our spiritual perspective. Now, don’t get me wrong. We all need friendships, and people who we can talk tot face-to-face, but even the most godly friends can give you bad advice. The most important thing to remember is that God can and will direct you to a friend to help process that with in your daily life. So talk to him first to pick out that friend second. 

Number two, we are not responsible to maintain the happiness of other people. This does not mean we are rude or intentionally offensive. This just means when we know that we are acting through the spirit of the Lord we should not shy away from the things that we are called to do. It might not seem like the most extravagant thing to everyone else but obedience is obedience. Obedience can help us get past some of that regret and disdain for the world we’re living in right now. It is also the sign that you are following the leading of the Lord. We are called to be a light to others. Sometimes this makes people happy, and sometimes it comes in ways they do not understand. Nevertheless, we act out of obedience, and not fear for what other people’s emotions might be.

I believe we can do this by the power of God. His power is fresh and brand new every single day. So let’s step out of the dictation of our feelings and into the intentionality of processing through him. Your countenance and your energy changes when you decide to be the one in control of it. Change your own life today by letting the Lord lead the way. 

Published by Kendall Thomas

I am a Tennessee girl who wound up in Missouri. I love the Lord and being real about everyday life things. I never miss a chance to make someone laugh, and say "Go Vols!" I talk and type a little too much, but I enjoy every second of it. I also thought starting every sentence with "I" was a great literary choice. Enjoy.

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