2021: The Year of Intentionality

Enjoy our first selfie of the year!

Happy New Year, everyone!

It goes without saying that most of us are glad 2020 is over. We all know what kind of year it was. I will no longer waste words on painting a silver lining within the year. It is no longer necessary because we are now in 2021. It is time to direct all of our energy towards believing the best for this new time.

I will take all of the good 2020 gave me, and use it to make this next year even better. With all of the jokes saying it is only December 33rd, I feel it is important for us to take responsibility this year. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good joke about the year whom shall not be named, but it is time to shake the chains it had on us. We take the responsibility to not put our happiness, functionality, and focus on what is happening around us. We are responsible for how we perceive and live out this new year.

Are you ready for 2021, is not the question. The real question we should be asking is this, “Is 2021 ready for me?”

Is 2021 ready for the prayer warrior that you are about to unleash? Is 2021 ready for the person who fights their battles in worship? Is 2021 ready for the obedient spirit that will step out even when others do not understand? Is 2021 ready for the compassion and love we will innately begin displaying? Is this year ready for us to take responsibility for the presence we bring to the room? Is 2021 ready for us to intentionally learn about the things around us and make a conscious opinion on our own?

I am not so sure.

We have friends and family, and honestly our internal being, awaiting the day that we become the domineering factor in our circumstances. We need for us personally to be serious about being this person.

This person does not come overnight, obviously. They come slightly, everyday through intentionality and perseverance. Not through unreasonable expectations, but through the act of trying and believing. We do our due diligence to love, learn, and seek. Then, we let the Lord provide us ideas, strength, and passion for the rest.

I can only speak for myself as to what this looks like. We are all on different journeys and walks. Hopefully, you can use these ideas to form your own.

These are not New Year’s Resolutions. I am not the problem solver; therefore, I do not want to put this pressure on myself to reach a numbered goal. I am merely determining to be more intentional in these areas. For the sake of it needing a name we will call it the New Year’s Intentional Areas.

Kendall’s New Year’s Intentional Areas:

  1. I will intentionally read the Bible to learn from the Lord, and not just read to mark it off my to-do list.
  2. I will intentionally focus on letting what I read shape my mindset.
  3. I will intentionally workout not to impress others, but to improve my day-to-day life.
  4. I will intentionally write, not as a task to be completed, but as a way of sharing my heart with others.
  5. I will intentionally date my husband, and love him the way he needs to be loved, not with intentions to receive anything in return.
  6. I will intentionally love my family and friends in the way they need it. Simply to show love.
  7. I will intentionally watch the presence I bring into a room, not in a way to show off or be deemed as something- but honestly showing up as a kind and loving person.
  8. I will intentionally seek to understand, and not seek to make others understand.

A little bit of intentionality can go a long way. I do not want to overwhelm myself with expectations. I simply want to hold myself to a higher standard of being this year. At the very least, I can go through each week and read these. Then, do some internal digging and honestly answer if I was intentional in these areas.

It is all apart of the intentional process in making sure I am the best me this year. The best me loves her friends and family. The best me shows kindness to all. The best me takes care of herself. The best me seeks the Lord and is obedient to the Spirit. The best me knows I have a responsibility to be the best me I can.

This best looks different everyday. Sometimes the best me I am going to have is keeping my mouth shut. Other times the best me is going to look like speaking passionately about what has been put on my heart. As long as I am at the best that I can muster, then I have succeeded.

Going into this year, remember it is okay to have bad days. Not everyday is a bad day, though. We can make sure of it if we at least try.

Published by Kendall Thomas

I am a Tennessee girl who wound up in Missouri. I love the Lord and being real about everyday life things. I never miss a chance to make someone laugh, and say "Go Vols!" I talk and type a little too much, but I enjoy every second of it. I also thought starting every sentence with "I" was a great literary choice. Enjoy.

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