Don’t Look Now

Welcome back, friends! We are about to be in March of 2021 which means we have had 2 full months of working on ourselves during this new year. I am personally working on being intentional in specific areas of life, and I know most of us have set some sort of goal. Consider this your check-point of motivation!

Don’t look now, but those sneaky thoughts and fears are about to gang up on you- if they haven’t already. What do I mean by that? Those feelings of failure and inability are either at your doorstep or on there way. When we decide to better ourselves in any area of life temptation is not far behind. I want to bring you an encouraging word today, because temptation does not mean stop in your tracks, but keep going.

Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean you’re off track.

One of the biggest lies we hear or think is that “it shouldn’t be this hard”. Let’s be honest if it wasn’t that hard you wouldn’t be working on it. If it wasn’t something challenging you wouldn’t be considering quitting. Results always take time. Don’t settle for simple and easy. Believe in yourself and love yourself enough to put in the work. You’ll start to find joy in tackling the hard things. If no one has told you lately, let me. You CAN do hard things. It just takes showing up and trying.

You can be louder than your biggest lie.

You don’t have to be the person who sits back and takes it quietly. You can be the one yelling truth right back it. Do not let lies and fear be the loudest aspects in your life. God gave you a voice for a reason. Speak boldly! You are one bold word away from making a difference. You are one truth-filled phrase away from your break through. Open your mouth and speak! Sometimes you will have to call yourself out for the negative things you say, and that’s okay. This looks like “I know I said I can’t do it, but I can, and I will, starting right now.” You can change your reality through your words. Start speaking the right things.

You’re allowed to cheer yourself on.

You’re about to hear about one of the dorkiest things I do. Many people have made fun of me for it, and or thought I was kidding when I told them about it. I high five myself. I know that sounds silly, and you don’t have to go that extreme, but it’s my way of lightly cheering myself on. I recently high fived myself in the middle of Planet Fitness. I had just run my fastest .75 miles EVER, and I high-fived myself as I finished. Why? BECAUSE I WAS SO EXCITED AND PROUD OF MYSELF FOR PUSHING PAST MY LOUD LIES. I thought I was going to trip, and I wanted to quit so badly, but I kept going. Be your own cheerleader. Speak kindly to yourself and hype yourself up. Sometimes your kind word to yourself is what catapults you to keep going. Take responsibility for your moments! Go get those wins, and even high five yourself when you’re done.

It takes an abundance of grace to grow.

You have to be honest with yourself about where you are. January was not my hottest month, and I really struggled. Yet, February held a lot of victories because I gave myself the grace I needed to truly be honest about where I was, and start over. March is definitely going to have its own problems, because honestly every month does. This means that each month also has the unique opportunity for us to show ourselves grace. Grace is not our cop out, but our reset. You may get tripped up a little this month. When that happens gather yourself, take responsibility, and move on. We are not quitting after one wrong move, or one missed day. Give yourself grace, and challenge be yourself to be better tomorrow.

We are doing hard things in 2021. We are being intentional in our own growth. That comes with the realization that you have to keep going. Do hard things. Speak a loud truth over your life. Cheer yourself on. Give yourself grace, and keep going. Don’t look now, but your victory is right around the corner!

Published by Kendall Thomas

I am a Tennessee girl who wound up in Missouri. I love the Lord and being real about everyday life things. I never miss a chance to make someone laugh, and say "Go Vols!" I talk and type a little too much, but I enjoy every second of it. I also thought starting every sentence with "I" was a great literary choice. Enjoy.

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