May I: Week 2

Hello, friends! We are back with week 2 in the “May I” series. If you’re new here, we have started a series that is going to challenge our thoughts and actions. May we become the people we were destined to be. Let’s jump into this week’s thought.

May I push through the temporary fear of discomfort.

Have you ever siked yourself out of something? It could be hanging out with someone, making a phone call, speaking up about an idea, or even just doing something out of your ordinary routine. You thought about doing it, but then gave yourself a long list of fears of why you shouldn’t. We have all been there. Too afraid to do, but also too afraid not to do. What I’ve noticed is that most times we use our energy being fearful of cause and effect, that we never get to find out the actual results.

We learned last week that living in fear of others opinions is a draining way to live, but this week we are talking about the unknown. It doesn’t matter if it’s an opinion, response, or silence, living in fear does nothing but cripple the spirit, and make you feel useless.

It is a good thing to weigh your options, and seek wise counsel. I will never encourage you to bypass the people the Lord has put in your life. What I will encourage you to do is, stop being afraid to bring it up. Stop being afraid to try something new, or to share a new idea. Most people are more afraid of what they’ll look and sound like, than what will actually happen if they run with their plan.

The fear of discomfort is when you are of afraid to be uncomfortable or make others uncomfortable. What we don’t realize is that when we focus on the fear of discomfort we are creating a level of discomfort by trying to avoid the discomfort. This comes from a deep rooted fear of failure.

Friends, failure is a part of life. If you’re not failing you’re not growing. Failure is a natural part of growth, and of course if can be embarrassing at times, but it makes you beautifully human! Stop fearing an innate part of life, and start being empowered by it!

Discomfort is not the worst thing that could ever happen. Sometimes it’s the weird silence before a huge change. It’s the unlikely thought behind a monumental idea. If you’re living in fear, you’re overshadowing potential with what if.

Let go of the unnecessary but’s and try something new. Take a leap of faith. Confidently speak out. Share what you have to offer! Fear is temporary, and pushing past it could change you and others for a lifetime. Leave a legacy. Let go of fear.

Published by Kendall Thomas

I am a Tennessee girl who wound up in Missouri. I love the Lord and being real about everyday life things. I never miss a chance to make someone laugh, and say "Go Vols!" I talk and type a little too much, but I enjoy every second of it. I also thought starting every sentence with "I" was a great literary choice. Enjoy.

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