Freshmen Year

August is easily one of the most looked forward to and dreaded times of the year. For many students, they are jumping back into the same ole routine, eager to see friends, and get the year over with. Others are absolutely dreading giving up their summer freedom. Yet, there is a group of students heading to school this year with much anticipation and excitement- college freshmen.

Starting college is a very unique time of a student’s life. They are stepping into adulthood, but they still have a lot of the same parameters, and barriers they had in high school. There are still classes to be sat in, homework to be done, someone to answer to, but it on a different level than what they are use to.

If you are heading into your first year of college, or even if you are already in college, this post is for you! Today we are talking about some hacks to help make your college season the best you possibly can.

Tip #1: Don’t take yourself so seriously.

For some students they are coming from high school, a sports team, a school club, or youth group as the “big man on campus”. You were running the show for quite a while, and you “have things in the bag”. You may think you are prepared to be the big man on your new college campus- well, you are wrong. You do not want to be the big man on campus. You want to genuinely make friends, experience a brand new time of life, and most importantly, be a tolerable person to be around. No one wants a know it all in their face. No one wants to hear about how you were in the big leagues in high school. No one wants you to talk down to them, or act like you have it all figured out. Walk into your new life honestly. An honest and ready-to-learn version of you is much easier to get along with than someone who thinks they are above the freshmen stigma. It’s okay to be a freshmen. Don’t rush your time!

Tip #2: Learn how to prioritize.

Like I said earlier, you have a new found freedom, but you also still have rules and deadlines. Learn how to manage your time well early on. As much fun as late night study sessions are, some of you reading this are not those type of people, and will not retain the information. Find out what works best for you, and put it into your time schedule. School work is definitely important, but so is social time and if you have a job, work time. You can do it all, for the most part, just be smart about when you are doing what. You can get creative by smashing some things together. You have to choose what will be best for you in the long run. Also, you do not want to lose yourself in the process of learning. Make sure you are making time for your hobbies and Jesus! Those are the things that help you still feel like yourself even when you are in the hustle and bustle of a new schedule! Don’t be afraid to stick up for your time, and be picky with it. You don’t get wasted time back.

Tip #3: Ask a lot of questions.

When you are new to a place, it can be pretty annoying to constantly feel like you have no idea what is going on. Learn to ask questions without feeling stupid. You should not feel bad for needing more direction, or wanting to take the initiative to fully understand. You will be able to save yourself from stress, anger, and upset if you unapologetically ask questions. If something is being asked of you, you have the right to seek further instruction in order to get it done. Yes, we want to “do things right away with a great big yay”, but we also want to do it out of honor and respect, not spite. Often times, spite comes directly from lack of communication and understanding. Nip your hurt feelings in the bud early, and ask those questions. You can say at the end of the day “I did what I could do”, and go to sleep at night knowing you gave your best effort that day

To all the freshies out there, I believe in you. I am proud of you for taking a step towards furthering your education, and seeking out what you love to do in this world. I know that you can do this, and that great big blessings are ahead of you! If you have any more thoughts on things you would like to know about, email me or find me on my Instagram. We are all in this together!

Much Love,

Kendall ❤

Published by Kendall Thomas

I am a Tennessee girl who wound up in Missouri. I love the Lord and being real about everyday life things. I never miss a chance to make someone laugh, and say "Go Vols!" I talk and type a little too much, but I enjoy every second of it. I also thought starting every sentence with "I" was a great literary choice. Enjoy.

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