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Freshmen Year

August is easily one of the most looked forward to and dreaded times of the year. For many students, they are jumping back into the same ole routine, eager to see friends, and get the year over with. Others are absolutely dreading giving up their summer freedom. Yet, there is a group of students headingContinue reading “Freshmen Year”

May I: Week 3

Welcome to week 3 of challenging our thinking through the May I series. Some people say “third times the charm”, and honestly they may be right with this one. Today’s challenging thought is: May I live like I am already loved and chosen. This is a doozy for most people. I know it has beenContinue reading “May I: Week 3”

May I: Week 2

Hello, friends! We are back with week 2 in the “May I” series. If you’re new here, we have started a series that is going to challenge our thoughts and actions. May we become the people we were destined to be. Let’s jump into this week’s thought. May I push through the temporary fear ofContinue reading “May I: Week 2”

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